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SEO :  Recruiting a good PR agency is one of the best ways to support your SEO objectives.  Unique and relevant content on high value websites with a mix of follow and no-follow links will boost google rankings better than any other activity – and this is exactly what we do on a daily basis, working with websites with domain authorities of 90 and more to create original stories incorporating deep links straight to a client’s site.   The days of flooding copy with keywords, buzz phrases and toxic links have died a death, but the age of well-written and relevantly researched content is just beginning and it’s a focus of ours to keep ourselves and our clients in the know with all changes.

Social media :  Constantly striving to increase our own and our clients presence on social media, we’re keen tweeters, facebookers and plussers and can adapt our tone of voice to fit exactly with the way our clients want to be heard across all social media outlets.

Copy writing and content creation : With a lot of our time spent writing press releases we know our way around the English language (and a couple of others). We also write blogs, editorial and advertorial.